Best Fit Crawfish Paddles

In searching for paddles, only two things come out. That is a paddle used to push a boat or the one the paddle that help mix the ingredients. However, if we search on specific term like crawfish paddles we will be directly directed to paddles that are used for cooking – helps in stirring the ingredients just like the second one search result. Well, that is what exactly we are looking for. Now, can anybody just use paddles for cooking foods? Of course, yes but it is best if we use the equipment that best fit to what we are cooking and where we are cooking it. Just like if we are boiling crawfish, it is best if we use crawfish paddles. This is the paddle that is specially made for boiled crawfish. In that case, what are paddles best fit for what cooking equipment?

The answer for that question is this, in boiling; big pots are best paired with long paddles. It is to mix well the ingredients and seasoning till to the bottom of the pot. Just like when you have a 100 qt. Aluminum stock pot, the best paddle for that is the 35-inch wooden paddle or larger than that would be better. Large paddles are just enough for big pots. The wooden paddle is good for your Aluminum stock pots to avoid scratches. In fact, it is one way of protecting your equipment.

No worries if you have stainless steel paddles for they can still be use. You just need a little extra care in stirring though. However, there are pots that are not easily scratched like stainless steel inflatable paddle board stock pots. I have heard also that they can last a lifetime if cared well. It just means that they fit for each other.

Paddles are not really hard to find but most of the time are neglected. They are very cheap compared to other cooking equipments. The wooden paddle prices range from $3.00 being the smallest and the cheapest to $14.00. On the other hand, stainless steel paddle prices range from $8.00 to $31.00. Their prices actually vary on their sizes, durability and on what they are made of. Of course, we can expect that the most expensive one is the best one most of the time.

I am sure that whichever you choose from them, you are assured that you can stir your food well. We all know that the taste of your food does not depend on your paddles but paddles leads every ingredient to mix well with other ingredients to result the desirable taste. So, it may not depend but paddles can be a factor of good taste too.

No matter how long your crawfish paddle is, just make sure to use it in the right size of pot or pan. Just like outfits, cooking must be mix and match with too. The next time you buy, you better pick the paddle that you can depend on your cooking. Otherwise, just get all paddle sizes that you think you can use later.

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