Using Google to Search For Georgia Vital Records

There are a number of ways to obtain certified copies of vital records, which include birth records, death records, marriage records and divorce records; but since these records don’t exist online, how do you find them? You won’t be able to find the records themselves online, but you can use Google to find information that’ll point you in the right direction.

Start by going to Google as searching for “georgia vital records”. What Google displays is a results page full of links to websites and pages that it deems to be most relevant to your query. By searching using the phrase above, one of the first results to popup is a link to the official State Office of Vital Records of the Georgia Department of Community Health.

Here, you’ll find information regarding how to go about obtaining certified copies of different certificates, as well as contact Vitalflow information, and information regarding fees and restrictions. In this case, copies of certificates can only be obtained by immediate family of the person named on a vital record, or by an authorized legal guardian or agent.

At the time of writing, the fee for obtaining records from the department is set at $15.00 for birth and death certificates and $10.00 for marriage and divorce certificates, although these fees are subject to change, and may change at any time. There are also additional fees for additional copies of records as well as additional fees for multi-year searches.

Birth and death records date back to 1919, whereas marriage records date from 1952 to 1996, with records dating prior to and after these dates needing to be obtained from the probate judge in the county where the marriage license was issued. An index of divorce records is kept for verification purposes, but actual records must be obtained from the Clerk of Superior Court in the county the divorce was granted. In this case, inquires are forwarded to the relevant clerk

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