About Bounty Hunter Prospector Metal Detector and Its Great Advantages

Bounty Hunter Prospector metal detector is one of the most promising products today. It’s fairly easy to use with lots of useful features that beginners and experts could really appreciate its presence. Compared to other cheap products, Bounty Hunter Prospector metal detector offers high-quality performance, but at a customer-friendly price.

Bounty Hunter Prospector metal detector has three kinds of modes: all metal, tone, and full discriminate. With just these modes, you could already start treasure hunting at any time with no high-level experience needed. The all metal mode is generally preferred for gold prospecting, relic hunting, and other broad purposes because of its deep detection capabilities.

Its auto ground balancing and fine tuning features are all part of the practicality of the Prospector. There are no complicated settings or tiresome keypad controls – just 2 operation knobs and 안전토토사이트 a mode toggle switch. Anyway, the Prospector has an auto ground balancing capability, so you can virtually operate it on any types of terrain levels. It can even detect in heavy mineral deposited soils and high trash areas without hassles.

Part of the initial goal of almost all novice hobbyists is to be familiar on how their metal detectors behave, like the different audio responses or display screen results, when detecting different metallic objects,. The Prospector makes it easier for beginners to do that through its distinctive audio tone responses. You basically just have to memorize what a low tone, no tone, high tone, or broken tone means. For example, if you receive a broken tone response, it’s probably just scraps. But if it is a regular low-tone response, your metal detector could either be detecting gold or nickel objects (definitely worth digging).

When operating this metal detector, don’t forget to do a constant sweeping motion, from side to side, so that the search coil could give more crisp signals and to detect properly. If you receive irregular signals when you’re searching, you might be near magnetic fields or electric power lines. You’ll just have to readjust your sensitivity settings to solve this problem or avoid these areas.

The price tag for this Bounty Hunter detector is somewhere around $150 or higher. It’s not really that easy to find online. You’ll probably have to look this up through your local dealers. But you can also try browsing through different online listing or auction sites, such as Amazon, Kellyco, eBay, or Nextag.

Overall, the Prospector is a pretty decent product and great as a starter device for would-be treasure hunters. It’s not complicated to use, highly functional, and affordable, too. To make this work for you, make sure to take the time to understand its behavior and how to make the necessary adjustments. Just remember to take into factor human errors before deciding if the Bounty Hunter Prospector metal detector was worth the buy or not.

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