Yeast Infection Prevention – Stop Yeast Infections Before They Start

Yeast infections are a fungal infection of the skin that is most commonly seen in women but also occur in men. The fungus that causes these infections, Candida Albicans, generally occurs in warm and moist areas of the body, typically in and around the vagina. Women (and men) suffering from these infections are often embarrassed by them. Women are embarrassed for the obvious reasons and men are embarrassed because the condition is most often associated with women. Women who are prone to this infection should should find the keravita pro following yeast infection prevention tips helpful.

1) Put down the hot pants! – One of the biggest causes of yeast infections are clothing or underwear that is too tight. Stick to loose fitting clothes and wear underwear that made from natural materials with good ventilation such as cotton. Try to stay away from clothing made of synthetic material as it typically doesn’t breath well.

2) Lay of the junk food – simply eliminating junk food and other foods high in sugar will go a long way toward yeast infection prevention. One food that should be in your shopping car is yogurt as it’s loaded with probiotics. Do you like Italian? I hope so because garlic has been proven to fight off bad bacteria. Eating a diet high in garlic or taking a garlic supplement will go a long way towards preventing yeast infections.

3) Don’t Do(uche) it – Contrary to what many people believe douching in many situations will often do more harm than good. Douching eliminates much of the good bacteria in the vagina that helps fight infections and if done on frequent basis will leave you more vulnerable to infections. In many cases douching does more harm than good.

4) Keep it clean – This may sound like plain common sense but many doctors believe the lack of proper hygiene to be the biggest cause of yeast or Candida infections. Be sure to shower immediately after exercising. And try avoid staying in sweaty and wet clothes for prolonged periods of time because of the moisture acts as a breeding ground for infections.

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