Why Should I Use CBD Oil Supplements?

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Recently we have come under fire from the government and health agencies for approving a variety of unscrupulous “clones” of CBD oil and other pharmaceuticals. As we were conducting a background check on one particular company we came across hundreds of CBD white label manufacturers which are nothing more than online copycats. These websites do not have the proper licensing, manufacturing or quality control to make them legal. It is common for companies that sell these types of items as pharmaceuticals to be operating out of their home countries.

The question becomes what is the best way to buy CBD and White Label products? We recommend consumers looking for pure CBD oil and White Label products to purchase from a reputable distributor that we work with. A good distributor knows that manufacturers are licensed to produce certain pharmaceuticals, does their own testing to ensure quality, and offers a refund/replacement policy. They also work closely with national and state regulatory agencies to ensure compliance. All distributors should be registered with the NDCPA (National Drug Control Association).

A good CBD wholesale distributor will sell only top grade, pharmaceutical grade products. The difference between the two types of cannabis is the ratio of delta-9-tetrahydrocannic acid to THC, the main ingredient in cannabis. Medical marijuana distributors typically use a lower concentration of THC to treat patients suffering from debilitating illnesses. On the other hand, CBD users seek a high CBD to achieve a “high”. It should be noted that CBD is different from THC and because of this; there is no known side effect when using CBD over THC.

CBD and hemp oil products are not subject to government regulations or standardization by any governing body. This makes them an appealing option for producers and distributors. There are no mandatory product development requirements, marketing guidelines or submission of application forms. This leaves the door wide open for abuse and fraudulent activity. A responsible CBD product distributor will work diligently to screen their suppliers to ensure only the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade products are being distributed. While many users do not see the need for White Label products, research has shown that it can have a significant impact on the marketplace. By having a distributor produce CBD and hemp oil products under a white label, patients suffering from ailments such as depression, epilepsy and nausea are more likely to access these beneficial treatments. Purchasing directly from a trustworthy distributor reduces risk and gives patients peace of mind knowing that the product they are receiving is consistent with their diagnosis. Investing in a reliable wholesale distributor with experience and a good track record is essential if you are serious about receiving CBD and hemp extracts and want to minimize the potential for fraudulent activity.

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