The Japanese Labour Export

The Japanese Government is a great supporter of its Japanese labour export industry. They have granted several concessions and special treatments to help the exporters and the local Japanese people. For instance, the Labour Quotations Act grants exemption from paying the compulsory social security contributions to overseas employees of the said industry for three years. This also applies to self-employed persons and to family members of such employees.

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The same laws grant exemption from paying the compulsions for registration of the employing of non-Japanese citizens, allowing them to engage in the said industry. They are also allowed to buy and register any owned or rented office in Japan, and purchase and employ sub-contractors to perform their jobs. Several other concessions were granted to the said industry, all benefiting the exporters. These include special discounts on export duties and import fees.

The Japanese Government has also implemented several measures to protect the interests of its own workforce In spite of having a universal law on the employment of foreign workers, several businesses in Japan have still been unable to employ some foreign workers because of their attitudes towards work. This attitude is said to be against the national interest and detrimental to the well being of the Japanese economy. Thus, the authorities have been conducting seminars and workshops encouraging such attitudes among the people of Japan.

Many businessmen have already taken up the challenge and joined hands with an organization that specializes in training and introducing the Japanese language to the rural poor. It aims at creating understanding between the rural poor and the urban middle class. The association between these businessmen and the said association has helped many Japanese settle in cities such as Tokyo and Yokohama. This helped the growth of the Japanese labour export business tremendously.

The Japanese exporters have gained a lot from this venture, as they now have access to a cheap source of labour, which is particularly useful in times when the working conditions of workers in China are not always acceptable. Cheap labour means more affordable prices for the products that the exporters sell. The result of this association has created harmony in the working conditions of the Chinese and the Japanese working in the different labour intensive industries. Another advantage is that the Japanese workers are now willing to accept jobs in the big and medium scale industries of Japan, thereby increasing the number of employees of the said industry.

For many Japanese businessmen, joining hands with the association of exporters of Japanese labour is a step towards achieving economic growth and social status as well. They see the association of exporters of Japanese labour as a stepping stone to help them climb up the ladder of success in the world of business. And it is working. The growing number of jobs available to Japanese workers in the big and medium scale industries is a clear indication that there are still chances to get employed and continue to have a bright future if the Japanese exporters continue to succeed in their business ventures overseas. And they are doing just that!

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