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When small companies need new employees for new positions, it is critical they know exactly what type of employee they need before they make a hire. This is because hiring someone, training them and then figuring out they aren’t needed or aren’t the right person to do the job take a lot of time and money, which is something many small companies cannot afford to waste. So when looking a for a new employee, hiring managers should do specific things to ensure they get the right job description out to prospective applicants. Some tips for the best ways of doing this are listed below.

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Understand the Job Requirements

You, as the employer, must understand the job requirements before you even talk to your hiring manager job posting. When you do, you both need to be on the same page. You need to list all of these things out like the physical and mental requirements of the job, how exactly the job will be done, the reason the job exists and the qualifications needed to actually do the job. Sit down together and write all of these things out and see if you can narrow down an ideal candidate between the two of you.

Ask Employees or Supervisors at Similar Companies

If you are having trouble knowing exactly what to put on the job position posting, call up people who work in similar companies who have similar positions or supervisors at those companies and ask them. Take them out to lunch or just meet for coffee and get some details as to what type of employees have worked in that position in the past. This will help you to create an accurate job analysis that you can then place on a job posting.

Highlight Skills and Limit Requirements

When putting the posting together, you want to highlight the specific skills you will be looking for in the position. Highlight four or five of these things and also describe what they will be doing with those skills in the job, so that applicants can get a real sense of what they will be applying for and know if they really want the job or not. Also limit the requirements. Beyond schooling and a resume that shows past work experience, you might want to leave it open to applicants you never would have considered in the past.

Add a Little Humor, If You Can

While certain jobs and the postings for them must maintain a high level of professionalism, a personable amount of humor is always good to infuse into the job posting, so that you can see how applicants respond. While you probably don’t someone who is a total jokester, you also want to employ people with real personalities who can think for themselves. The small amount of humor in these job postings will attract those types of individuals.

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