Office Desks and Chairs – Common Types and Benefits

DescriptionA typical office desk, or office chair, is an inexpensive type of furniture that is designed mainly for usage at a desk at an office. It is generally a foldable swiveling chair with either cast iron or steel back rest, with multiple adjustable height and swivel wheels for movement. Modern office chairs are designed with a single, unique adjustable load bearing leg, that is positioned under the seat. It can be moved up and down, right and left, above or below the user’s knees, at various angles, and offers the user maximum comfort and support.

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Types and DesignThe term “office furniture” typically refer to a wide range of pieces of furniture that are used in office buildings and provided to employees as part of their office expenses. Among the basic pieces of office furniture found in most offices are conference chairs, executive chairs, receptionist chairs, and computer desks. Conference and administrative chairs are generally smaller than normal office desks and conference chairs are specially designed to accommodate an individual in a seated, kneeling, or standing position ban may tinh. Executive chairs are usually much larger and provide greater back support.

Executive desks and conference chairs are much higher in quality than ordinary office desks and conference chairs. Executive chairs have higher back supports, and provide better ergonomic support and comfort. They are often replaced by standard workstations or chair styles such as rectangular desks, L-shaped desks, or U-shaped desks.

Office Desks and Chairs Ergonomically Designed Office Desks and chairs are designed to maximize employee productivity levels. They are specifically designed to help employees maintain proper posture while sitting at their desks and while performing various tasks. They are also designed to provide an optimal amount of space to an employee so that they may properly be able to perform their tasks. For example, if an employee has to rotate his/her body about while working, it can lead to the formation of carpal tunnel syndrome. Whereas a simple office desk can alleviate this problem, an ergonomic chair can also prevent the formation of this condition by relieving the pressure on the carpal tunnel.

Office Desks and Chairs Are Productive Office desks and executive chairs are productive because they aid in increasing employee productivity levels. The back of an employee is supported by its structure. The ergonomically designed nature of office chairs and desks prevents the back of an employee from experiencing unnecessary stress. An employee can sit for long hours in his/her office chairs without experiencing any strain on their back. This leads to increased productivity levels.

Office Desks and Chairs Are Common Types of Office Furniture There are other office furniture items that are useful for increasing employee productivity levels such as computer desks and computer workstations. However, the effectiveness and benefits of ergonomic chairs and desks are superior to computer desks and workstations. In the current business environment, it is imperative for companies to invest in ergonomic furniture to promote better health and productivity levels among their employees.

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