This Is Fish Heads Album Review – An Overview Of What You Should Know!

Two words come to mind immediately when We Are Caribou releases our latest single, “We Are Me”. Those words are “We Are Us”. This is our third full-length album and we are really excited about it. For one thing, despite the fact that it’s been a decade since our last full-length album, “We As People” was still raking in profits worldwide. And the general public had not seemed to be letting the band slip up. Musically, they were still top of the list with many listeners.

But now We Are Me is here, as the band that wrote and sang those great songs. The album cover is even looking back at the original “We As People” album cover. We Can’t Play This Song, from We As People, contains some songs that have been re-recorded for this new album. These re-recorded classic songs provide a nice balance of nostalgia and freshness. These songs provide a nice balance of emotions that will be sure to delight both old fans of We Are Caribou and new fans We Are Caribou.

One of the first songs on We Are Me, “We Are Me”, takes place on the album with a slightly sadder tone. It is about the loss of a close friend of Weezer’s named Megadeth. Megadeth was a founding member of Weezer and was known for his dramatic guitar work. This song reflects his softer side and Weezer wanted to make an album where the band members contributed their own ideas instead of just taking another song and changing it into something else. This album also includes the classic, “arnie looking” song from Weezer’s first album “EP.” This is a nice song that provides a nice atmosphere to the rest of the songs.

Another track on We Are Me, “Bass Fishing,” is about bass fishing. Bass fishing has long been a favorite pastime for Weezer fans. On this song, Rivers takes some fishermen out for a day of fishing to a small pond. At one point during their fishing trip, they spot a small fish that they believe may be a bass.

In addition to these fishing songs, Weezer also included some quiet and slow numbers. “rizze tease” is a slow paced number that provides a nice buildup for the more exciting “Bass Fishing.” The quiet nature of this song really captures the atmosphere that Weezer wishes to create throughout their albums. “Bass Fishing” also marks Weezer’s first foray into playing an acoustic guitar. The song contains a beautiful, slow build up leading up to the final solo section of the song.

Overall, This Is Fish Heads is not your typical Weezer band music. Rather, it is a band with very personal lyrics and music. This I think is one of the best examples of how a band makes their music. They take you on an emotional roller coaster through a journey of emotion. This I think is what draws Weezer fans over to other bands like Against The World and A-Ws.

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