How to Choose a Great Wine Distributor

Wine distributors are usually independent business people who have a specialization in selling wines. Distributors usually sell wine exclusively through their own company and sometimes to independent retailers and other businesses. Distributors can be found in almost every region of the world. Distributors make their money by selling wine at wholesale prices, which are usually below the market price. Therefore, if you are considering buying wine, you should ask the right questions before buying wine from a distributor. This will help you determine whether the wine distributor you plan to buy is ethical, reliable, and reputable or not.

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When to buy? This is a question you should ask your wine distributor before you buy wine. Make sure you have established a good relationship with the distributor, as it can help make the whole wine buying experience a pleasant one. If you do not know the answers to this question, find out from your distributor. It is very important to establish trust between you and your wine distributor to ensure that you get quality wine at an affordable price Wine Distributor.

Who makes the wine? Some wine distributors make all their wine in the house. However, most wine distributors buy the grapes used to make the wine from other companies. In some countries, they even grow the grapes themselves. You need to make sure that the company you buy your wine from uses the best quality grapes to produce your wine.

How is the wine stored? Is the wine stored cool? Some wine distributors store the wine in a hot room, where it is kept at temperatures as high as 125 degrees Fahrenheit. Others store the wine at refrigerator temperature. You need to make sure you get the wine that best suits your personal preference. If you are in Europe, for example, you might want to get French wine, which is usually stored at cold temperature to preserve its flavor.

Do they ship their wines directly to your home? Most wine distributors deliver the wine directly to your home. This is important if you live far away from the wine producing area. Some people even ship their wine on trucks, which are much more convenient.

What is the return policy? The best wine distributors will have a no-return policy on their products. This means that if the wine isn’t as much of a hit with you as you hoped, you can get a full refund. It’s not uncommon for customers to return wine that is very sweet or has too much residual sugar. Wine distributors should be happy to offer refunds.

Will they get the wine directly from the winery? If a wine distributor lives near a winery, they may be able to pick up the grapes from the vineyards and deliver the bottles to your home. Make sure you know this when you choose a wine distributor.

Does the wine distributor specialize? Sometimes a wine distributor will only do one type of wine. For example, if you only want red wine, look for someone who only sells that type. Check to see if they have a growing cellars to store your wine in. Ask them about their shipping practices and what they would do if your order was damaged or lost. If you choose a wine distributor with a growing cellars, you might save money in the future since they will always have some extra wine stored in their basement.

Does the distributor buy their own grapes? If a wine distributor buys their own grapes, it means that the wine will be of better quality. Also, ask how old the grapes are before you purchase your stock. The longer they have been sitting on the vine, the better. A wine distributor should be able to let you know how old they get their grapes, and if you have any concerns, ask how long they have been growing grapes. If the distributor does not have any grapes to give you, or they cannot give you the proper information, then move on to another distributor.

Are they a dues-paying member of the Wine Broker Guild? If the wine distributor is a member of the guild, they will be the most qualified to help you with all of your needs. They will be able to tell you everything you need to know about the wine distributor they are buying from, like how much you will pay them each month and whether or not they work in your state. If the distributor you are considering works in your state, but they refuse to give you any information about their members, then you need to find another wine distributor.

Can they order the wine and deliver it to you? Make sure that the distributor you choose has both the tools and equipment to make sure that your order comes out the way it should. Ask for documents like payment receipts, business licenses, and insurance proof. You want to make sure that your distributors has both the knowledge to know what wines they can and cannot put into your collection. Lastly, ask your prospective wine distributor how fast they take shipping and delivery. If the company takes too long, or you are charged more, you may want to look elsewhere.

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