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Wooden furniture has been around for centuries and is still one of the most popular forms of furniture on the market today. This type of furniture was originally created out of hardwoods such as cherry, walnut and birch. Today many companies specialize in creating wood veneer designs that mimic these well-known woods, but without the hefty price tag. Many people still prefer the look, feel and durability of natural wood over veneer furniture.

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While there are a number of reasons why people choose this material, one of the most important is durability. Wood is very durable compared to many other types of materials used for construction. It is commonly found in both indoor and outdoor furniture. There are several different species of timber and each one exhibits a different degree of durability. The following explains how this affects buyers and builders

Alder is one of the common species of timber used for making wooden furniture. It has some of the lowest strength-to-weight ratios among all different types of wood. However, when treated properly it can make furniture that is both long-lasting and strong. Other desirable characteristics of alder are its smooth grain, straight grain, and reddish brown stains. This material does have some natural resistance to insects, however, and should be properly sealed before installation.

Cherry comes in an attractive, white-and-blue hardwood. Like alder, it is susceptible to insect damage and is prone to cupping, which results in the failure of joints. It also stains white or blue, but displays the most vibrant color when freshly cut. Because of its low durability, cherry is often used for interior design purposes only where the quality and appearance of the finished product is less important than the durability of the actual source material.

Birch is another popular choice for wooden furniture. This softwood exhibits a grayish waxy shine and has rich golden colors typical of teak. Birch veneers can mimic the appearance of walnut, another highly-regarded material, yet it is stronger and more durable than teak. The grain of birch is straight, and the heartwood is very dense. The natural beauty of this hardwood makes it one of the best choices for crafting intricate chair designs. Birch is also resistant to insects, although periodic treatment may be needed to maintain its attractiveness.

Wood furniture may require special treatment to resist damage from temperature fluctuations, humidity, and air. Furniture made of softwood, like oak or beech, may experience warp if exposed to too much moisture, which may lead to shrinkage and a change in size. If the humidity is too low, the wood furniture may also swell, which makes it difficult to use. Thus, regular wood furniture preservation through sealing and staining may be necessary.

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