How You Can Create A Simple Marketing Video

In your marketing mix for your business you should always include video whether you’re promoting someone else’s product or your own. Not everyone wants to read articles, some prefer to watch video.

This could be for a number of reasons. Maybe some people have difficulty reading or just prefer to have it explained to them rather than having to read through text.

I have been making some very simple marketing videos. Some are with me talking with a whiteboard and pen in front of the camera youtube video mp4 downloader. But I have now started creating videos where the text appears on the screen and I just read through it without actually being in the video.

Some people might prefer this method as they don’t like to be in the video for whatever reason.

This type of video is very easy to create. You just write down what you want to say in the video and put the text into slides. You can do this by using ‘Power Point’ or if you don’t have Power Point you can download ‘Open Office’ which is completely free.

I have no problems using Open Office for my videos. With this software you can just simply copy and paste a paragraph into a slide and the next paragraph into the next slide and so on.

You can add graphics or even video into your slides too. Once you have completed all your slides you can then play the presentation and read through it to check it for errors and spelling mistakes.

Once the presentation is in place it is just a case of recording the screen and talking into a microphone.

I wouldn’t recommend using your built-in microphone on your PC or laptop as there will be a lot of background fuzz. I purchased a microphone called a ‘Snowball’ by ‘Blue’ which I picked up from eBay for just under £50.

It’s a brilliant looking microphone and the sound is so much more crystal clear than the built-in microphone. This gives your video a much more professional feel. The only downside to this microphone is that you need to have it quite close to you otherwise the sound is a bit low.

But for £50 it’s definitely worth the investment.

To record the screen I use ‘Camtasia’ by Techsmith. This is quite pricey but it does a lot of stuff – it is the Rolls Royce of screen capture software. You can download a 30 day trial of the software from there website. There are other free alternatives such as ‘Jing’ also by Techsmith. Jing is easy to use but you can only create 5 minute videos which is OK for these types of videos.

There is also a program called ‘Cam Studio’. So there’s no need to fork out for expensive software yet if you haven’t got the budget.

So once your screen capture software is ready to go, just play the presentation and click the record button. You can then click through each slide and read them into the microphone. The screen capture software will record it all.

Once finished you can then edit the video if you wish. With my video all I did was add a couple of arrows pointing down to get people to click the link below the video. I did this with Camtasia.

Camtasia will save your video into an MP4 video that can then be uploaded to video sharing sites such as YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo etc…

As with any marketing strategy you should add videos on a consistent basis so that people start to subscribe to your channel and therefore views start to increase and so do your rankings.

As well as videos marketing your products you could also put up ‘how to’ videos, ‘screen capture videos’ showing people how to use software etc. This will help give you more credibility.

So there you have it – it’s very simple to create these kinds of videos and you should think about putting these into your marketing mix for your business.

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