Office Feng Shui Can Help Increase Productivity

A Feng Shui office can be an effective and positive place to work in. But contrary to common belief, Feng Shui is not simply a Chinese form of aesthetics or a way to decorate. It is used by many business owners to improve the productivity and efficiency of their offices. To better understand what it means, you need to understand first the basics of Feng Shui and how it applies to a business environment.

Office Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical philosophy that studies the relationship between humans and nature. It recognizes that all things in the universe are interconnected and are influenced by human activity. Feng Shui then applies this basic concept to the office space. It determines which areas of an office are suited for certain kinds of human activity or pressure. Pressure such as excessive noise or heavy foot traffic should be prevented where possible or reduced where applicable. The flow of Chi, which is the energy that makes up all living things, is also affected by human activity.

According to the laws of Feng Shui, Chi flows freely around the office in three main ways. The S Curve (or Western Style), called “the Great Wall,” provides a constant stream of Chi energy that is most efficient when flowing from the top of the head to the bottom of the body. The entrance to each section of the wall is balanced, meaning there are no sharp points that create blockages and interrupt the flow of Chi. In Western style the entrance to the office is always on the left.

The current of Chi is also determined by the direction it flows. Destructive interference, or moving things in a particular way, interrupts the flow and creates unrest. Chi energy cannot easily be blocked. Thus any disruptions or obstructions that might occur, such as doorways, filing cabinets, or others, should be avoided and thought of immediately so that the flow of Chi can continue smoothly.

It’s very important that you understand Feng Shui if you want to increase productivity in your office. Before anything else, choose a theme that has something to do with Chi flow. It is best to pick an area of the office that is hidden from the rest of the building so that it will not be overly impacted by activity in the rest of the building. Also make sure that the Chi flow will be uninterrupted from that area so that you can increase productivity and efficiency there as well.

For many people, the concept of Feng shu is very foreign. In the west, many people associate Chi with Chinese architecture or, even worse, debt. In reality, the concept of Feng shu originated in China. Over time, it has come to include many of the concepts and practices of Chinese Feng Shui while enhancing the western world’s productivity.

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