Digital Projectors For Home Theatres

Digital projectors have come on leaps and bounds in the past few years. The cost of the technology has reduced so much that they are in reach of the consumer and are not restricted to business use. The sort of use that these projectors got from businesses barely put them through there paces, after all there are a limited amount of colours available for use in PowerPoint.

The home cinema market really can be held responsible for pushing the projector technology forward. Movie require far more brightness, better contrast and smoother picture play back than any business presentation will ever demand of a projector. Although most consumers wouldn’t use a projector for watching every day TV, anyone that is serious about movies will own a projector and screen digital cinema. You may wonder why you wouldn’t use a projector for watching day-to-day TV and the answer is simple – running costs. The projector has a lamp in it that has a limited lifespan (in terms of hours), unfortunately this bulb is rather expensive to replace, so unless you have very deep pockets, or own a projector lamp business it going to cost you a lot of money to watch your favourite soaps for three hours every day. For watching a movie a couple of times a week thought the lamp in the projector is going to last a long time and by the time it does blow sadly a new projector will probably be the most cost effective option.

None of the above should put you off though, a projector will complete your home cinema and make sure that you are engrossed in the film you are watching.

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