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A myriad of lifestyles, customs, cultures and traditions make India the most diverse country on the face of the earth. With oh-so-many exotic destinations to visit and cuisines to savour, a luxury India tour promises a world of adventure. There is plenty more to the south Asian nation than just elephants and snake charmers! A history filled with kings and rulers – their “havelis” or palaces can be experienced in royal style on a private tour of the country. The intriguing architectural gems shining in all their glory, the breath-taking beauty of some of the most scintillating valleys and an essence of all things good make India one of the fastest-growing nations in terms of attracting tourists ASIAN ESCORTS NYC.

Exotic Luxury India Tour experiences

If you’re travelling to some exotic place then your experiences and stay must also be outlandish. India is a fast-growing nation in terms of attracting tourist traffic. With several wonderful destinations to explore, luxury India tours make for overwhelming and memorable experiences which will leave a lasting impression on your memory.

Elephant Polo

Ever fancied playing polo in India, that too on an elephant? Apparently, you can! Held on the grounds of the old palace constructed over 200 years ago, Elephant Polo is an immensely popular sport in North India. The guests enter the event and receive a royal welcome and are gathered under the “Chatter” – a Royal Golden Umbrella, before being escorted to the venue of the games. A bagpiper band welcomes you to the venue where you’re served a royal welcome drink. You will then be escorted to the lush green lawns where a memorable game awaits you.

A grand royal procession leads the guests to the polo grounds where ceremonially decked horses and their riders in cavalry costumes vanguard royal carriages, ceremonially decked elephants, camels and traditional musicians. Indian players will then display a demonstrative ‘Chakker’ or round of Elephant Polo after which you can change into the appropriate gear and engage in the fun-filled game yourself.

Dinner at the top of Mehrangarh Fort

Few places can be as romantic, for an exotic dinner, than the roof of the Mehrangarh Fort. Dine in an open air area with the stars watching over you as you rekindle your romance with a loved one. With traditionally dressed staff at your service, a dinner atop the fort will leave you feeling like Royalty as your taste buds savour delicious dishes of Rajasthan. The excellent service provided by the staff will leave nothing more to want!

Sightseeing by Vintage Cars

Luxury India tours enable you to go back in time with some vintage rides and view the historic sites in India in a luxurious fashion. You will have your own personalised chauffeur who will drive you around to the locations of your choice in a vintage car. Experience the traditional and cultural side of India with some of the finest set of wheels from the past. A personalised tour guide will assure you a good time as you learn of the rich ancient Indian history. A luxury India tour is great when you’re made to feel like royalty.

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