How and Why Teachers Are Making Math Fun For the High School Student

High failure rates in the subject of math and concerns that students are not learning the math skills they need has caused many parents and teachers to find better sources for supplementing their child’s education. Many of these math resources are found online and to this day are being developed, tested and reviewed due to the high demand for better math skills. Within the last few years the results are in and prove to be highly successful.

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Math can be fun but regrettably, students, teachers and administrators are concerned that math has not been enjoyable or fun for the student thus, they lose interest in the process of learning. This has prompted the concerned to research new ways to teach math, new ways to learn math and new ways to enjoy a subject that has a reputation of disinterest among the youth cours particuliers maths.

These teachers, parents, mathematicians and developers have committed to designing new programs, math games, camps, and stirred up enthusiasm for math over the last few years. They are starting to see a positive result in the college entrance exams.

Homeschool families have had the same concerns of the main stream of educators and in the past teaching homeschool math was approached with tripedation. They were apprehensive and would attribute a low exam score to their skills. Although, a student can learn how to solve equations it was more desirable that they learn solid math skills that would give them a better foundation for their everyday adult life. This experience has caused the homeschool family to make math learning a priority through available materials that can be found online and on hand. This also caused the student to engage in online learning which has been found to be desired due to the visual and electronic preference among this generation.

Many of the problems in math were found in the simple task of how the students were taking notes in class. Teachers and parents realized students were going to class and only writing an equation which could not be reiterated at home or during studies. However, online math tutoring and studies allowed the student to engage in a process that follows the whole audible, visual and tactile educational process.

With this system, the online math courses allowed the student to learn without a “lecturing teacher” at their own pace which was found to be faster. Students proved to learn math skills earlier and faster with this type of “hands on” and activity based learning experience.

Sadly, many classrooms in the public and private school systems did not have this type of learning and did not have the computers to allow this educational provision. As a result, they did not fare as well as the online student with online math resources available to them.

In conclusion, the activity-based curriculum appeals to the different learning styles and ended in higher levels of success whereas the “old school” math curriculum which is spent on practicing math problems and listening to audible lectures did not suffice which ended in low test scores in math.

Hopefully, the future of our nation’s success in math related subjects will be pushed to higher levels of advancement through online math learning and online math resources, the achievement of our future generations will have a new found excitement and enthusiasm for its many dimensions of the subject and our world will be better served in many of the industries that are mathematically based.

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