Some Common Sports Handicapper Bets

If-win bets – To place one of these bets, there is a fixed amount required when doing so which may need to be doubled in case the team wins or there is a tie. The new amount is placed as a bet for another team and the catch with an if-win, is that if you’re first pick was not victorious, then another one cannot be placed.

Straight bets – These are very simple and very popular. It is easy for a sports handicapper because they simply just need to determine whether a team will win or lose a game. But, a sports handicapper has to determine the points spread beforehand. This is composed by the number of points the favored team will likely win by 토토사이트.

Exotic bets – This adds a little spice into the sports betting market. Sometimes sports books will allow bets like these that are quite intriguing. These are picks that are very different from standard sports bets. For example, some exotic bet examples have been ones such as award shows and even the presidential race.

Future bets – These are placed in the beginning of a sports season. These are very exciting because it is a long-term bet and you never know what will happen. These can pay out big if you choose the right team. The payouts can be massive, but then again, these picks are tough to be successful with. They are also extremely fun as well!

Parlays – These are pretty complicated and not too popular with sports handicappers. These bets are composed of a combination of 2 or more games, and to be victorious with these bets, all the picks have to be successful. So even if you get 4/5 teams on the spot, the one team’s loss will result in a losing pick.

Total bets – When a total bet is placed, it means that the total points scored by all teams will determine whether you win or lose. This even includes points if a game goes into overtime, so that can help you or hurt you. These bets are pretty exciting and can come down to the last minute of games!

There are more types of bet, but these are some basic ones for sports handicappers. It is important to do some good research and make a calculated bet, or have the best sports handicapper choosing for you.

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