How to Find Out If You Are a High Or Low Acid Type

Did you know you can have heartburn because your stomach does not produce enough acid. The low acid type of stomach is one that can actually cause heartburn and acid reflux. There are so many acid reflux sufferers wrongly diagnosed and treated for an illness they don’t have.

Many doctors are so used to seeing patients with acid reflux, they simply overlook other causes, and start treating their patients with medications like PPI (proton pump inhibitor) to reduce acid stomach levels even more.

With the popularity of health food stores and herbal supply houses, many women who begin to see signs of aging, also try to self medicate by taking dietary supplements such as calcium and magnesium that also have an effect on stomach acid.

Calcium and magnesium lower the acid levels of the stomach and if a woman is a low acid type, taking too much of these supplements can destabilize the production of acid stomach.

And without knowing, taking things like Tums (which also contains calcium) and other medications such as Rolaids or Mylanta Can worsen their condition. If you are a low acid type, meaning you don’t produce enough acid to break down the aliments in your stomach, you will need supplements that will increase the level of stomach acid.

Another thing that can cause the low acid type stomach is a condition known as H. Pylori this condition is a bacterial Acidaburn infection that affects millions of people but many of them go without symptoms and therefore, go untreated until they have a serious problem such as acid reflux and heartburn.

All of these factors can cause the LES muscle to work in a dysfunctional manner and therefore, allow the acid from the stomach to work its way back up through the esophagus.

Many times treating the condition can bring the acid levels in the stomach back to normal, therefore ridding the patient of the acid reflux problem. A good natural product is pure apple cider vinegar that will boost the acidity in your stomach. I recommend that you talk to a specialist to get the proper dosage for your digestive system.

Many people are not aware, that a low acid type stomach could cause symptoms of acid reflux, but now that you have learned the truth, there is something you can do about it. Doctors should be paying close attention to the patients they are treating with heartburn medication to make sure they too are treating the right condition without adding to the problem.

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