How To Get Unstuck As A Songwriter

I’ve said a lot before about how essential the editing process is in songwriting. I’ve talked about how common of a mistake it can be for amateur and even mid-level songwriters to call a piece finished after the first draft, and how professionals will often spend many hours refining their final work. But now I want to talk about the flip side of the coin, STOP EDITING!

I don’t mean don’t ever edit them. I simply mean that you should completely avoid any editing of your songs while you are in the initial phase of writing. The first draft needs immense freedom to allow life to breath into your new child. This is the brainstorming process, where unbridled passion draws upon the limitless creative potential in the depths of the subconscious, primal, and spiritual realms. As lyrical and musical ideas emerge from these inner realities and higher planes of consciousness, it is always best give them the utmost respect. Let the ideas take on a life and direction of their own, transforming and taking shape into magnificent songs, guided only by inspiration and intuition.

This may seem like a no-brainer, and that you and most other songwriters already do this naturally. But do you remember times when your intuitive flow stopped? We all get stuck sometimes. We px7 primal flow reviews all get writer’s block, run out of ideas, get lost as to where to take a new creation next, and all kinds of other impasses.

So where did the creative inspirations go? Did it just dry up? Did you use all you were born with? Are you just not cut out for songwriting? Don’t let that idea creep into your head. If you didn’t have it in you to be a songwriter, you wouldn’t have even read this far. You are up to it; you just lost the keys to your creativity doorways.

The problem arises when we get sucked up in logic and analysis. When we employ these techniques, we are using completely different parts of our brains than the ones we use when we channel creativity. Creativity, emotions, and relationships are usually not logical at all.

Isaac Newton created a very logical framework within physics, which led to many amazing inventions, but then Albert Einstein came along and showed us that the world is not quite as logical as it appears, that time and space are really one and the same, which led to even greater technologies.

Logic and analytical thinking are psychological attempts to gain control over what is often an inherently illogical environment. But we don’t need Einstein to prove this to us, just try using logic to fix a relationship problem, and a couple nights sleeping on the couch will prove it real quick. As writers, when we let go of the analytical side of our brains, our intuition begins to embrace the deeper levels of reality, and give our listeners glimpses of the way the world is really working.

Now don’t get me wrong, logic, analysis, rational thinking, they all become essential in the editing process of songwriting. You should utilize them to their fullest capacity to craft your songs into masterpieces. But the cure for writers block, and the key to limitless creativity, is to shut them off almost completely when you are starting a new song, until you have enough material to edit. This will allow your inner music to emerge from much deeper places, and to continue to flow from the vast reservoir within.

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