What is the Flat Belly Diet?

While I am generally not a fan of popular diets, I did find myself asking the question, “What is the flat belly diet?” when I first heard about it. Prevention Magazine developed this weight loss program a while ago. And it seems to be meeting with some success. And although it’s not as easy as food combining, with a little work it can help you lose weight.

The main idea behind this particular system seems to be the introduction of mono-unsaturated fatty acids into your eating habits by adding calories rich in this substance. The method seems to be fairly easy to follow and there have been reports of success. The types of foodstuffs they want you to eat include:

o Olive Oil
o Peanut Butter
o Nuts and Seeds
o Avocados

I suppose if there is one problem with this diet is that while the food it endorses are very healthy for you, they also are very fatty. Even good fat is still fat. In addition you have to sign Okinawa Flat belly tonic up for the diet online and it appears like there might be a cost involved after the free trail offer. The flat belly diet might be for you. I suppose you’ll have to try it to make up your mind.

For my part I feel a more effective and simpler method is one where all you have to know is how to shift your calories around. The reason that you’re over weight is that you are eating the wrong food combinations and using the wrong types of eating patterns. The proper diet for you to be able to have a flat belly doesn’t involve starving yourself. Low calorie diets simply do not work.

And the idea of reducing carbohydrates as a way of losing inches off your belly is a disaster. Carbs turn into essential sugars which maintain your own blood sugar levels at acceptable levels. Did I mention forget about being able to go out to most restaurants? No, thank you.

What people need to realize is that food is not the enemy! In fact, certain foods in combination with others can actually help you lose those unwanted pounds. The brain releases two particular hormones into your system that control whether you will burn the calories you consume or store them as fat. This is important information for those interested in losing weight without having to starve themselves thin.

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