How I Beat a 20 Year Sex Addiction With True Repentance

Are you living life with a besetting sin? Have you got a sin that you are doing that is weighing you down? Do you have a sin in your life that you continue to do, continue to say sorry to God for and then do again shortly after? Have you got a sin where there seems no way that you can break free? This article is for you.

Let me share my besetting sin with you. Maybe my story, my life, will give you hope. At 18 years of age I slept with my first prostitute literotica. I could not believe that with a small amount of money that I could have sex with a total stranger. I had never had sex before and the feeling was so great, I was like a child in an ice cream shop wanting more and more.

The habitual visiting prostitutes for a new rush went on for twenty long years. This habit stopped me saving money for house. This sin kept me from growing in Jesus Christ and it kept me feeling weighed down with guilt. The more I wanted the sin to go, the more I realized I needed a miracle, as every time I had money and I was tempted I would have no power to stop myself from going to see a girl.

I knew that my sin had a demon involved. It was like as soon as the temptation came a big demon jumped on my back and I was powerless to deny seeing a woman of sin. As soon as I was paid for twenty years, I would have a thought of temptation come, and as soon after that as possible I would be in the presence of a prostitute. This cycle went on for many years as I have told you.

Then one day I heard a sermon what true repentance was. It said repentance is not just saying sorry, but a very emotional promise to God that you will never do the sin again. True repentance for me was the ability to really know how much I was hurting the women I was sleeping with, how much I was hurting myself and how much I was hurting God every time I sinned. When I was truly convinced I was evil and doing great harm and not a good client to the girls, I found the freedom to truly say to God I have had enough and repent.

I told God I would never do the sin again, and I meant it in a corporate prayer before my church and the addiction to that way of life left me that day and a spirit of lust was taken from my life.

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