How to Get a Flat Tummy Fast and Painless Without Drugs!

To get a flat tummy fast you are going to have to take some extreme measures. You have to realize that it took you time to put on that fat on your tummy area, so it is going to take you a long time to lose that fat taking a moderate approach.

But since you probably want to lose that tummy very quickly, you are going to have to go to war against your body.

If you want to get a flat tummy fast, you are going to have to do a low-carb diet. Don’t worry about health concerns because you are only going to use this diet for a very short period of time. The point is to get get a flat tummy fast, and then go back to a normal lifestyle.

The reason low-carb diets work so well is that they give you instant satisfaction. Go a few days without carbs, and you will notice a huge drop in your scale weight, and you will look more defined in the mirror.

But remember that this is all water loss at the initial Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Reviews stages of the diet. Nevertheless, the psychological boost it gives you is very beneficial.

The other reason low-carb diets work so well is that carbs are not essential to your body. I know that may sound strange, but your body can derive glucose from amino acids thanks to a process called gluconeogenesis.

So if you provide your body with the essential amino acids from protein sources and essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6, 9), then you will need minimal levels of carbs in your diet. Of course, your energy levels might drop, but your body will soon adapt to the lowered carb levels.

The benefit of lowering your carb intake this way is that your body is forced to use fat as an alternative fuel resource. Most of us are carb addicts who run our bodies on carb fuel, so making a transition to a new fuel might be difficult, but it will certainly flatten your tummy.

When you reduce your carb levels so drastically, you have to exercise less than you did before because you won’t have the same energy you had to perform your workouts and recover from them.

As for caloric levels, aim to consume 8 to 10 times your bodyweight in calories. This is an estimate so adjust according to how you feel and what your scale tells you.

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