Hoodia Gordonii Review – Hoodia is Not a Miracle Weight Loss Solution

One day, highly aggressive Internet marketers, most of whom are motivated by greed, will probably inundate your email box with various weight loss offers. In fact, you may receive a lot of spam promoting Hoodia (pronounced who-dee-ah). If you haven’t heard about Hoodia Gordonii, then read on. You’ll be very glad you took the time to read this unbiased review.

What is Hoodia?

Hoodia is supposedly a natural appetite suppressant herb, which many poorly-informed overweight and obese people hope would result in their losing weight effortlessly. Due to its popularity, shady promoters of weight loss products are boldly marketing Hoodia Gordonii, a cactus-like succulent plant, as a weight loss solution. Sadly, many appetite suppressants and nutritional supplements, those of which boast to contain Hoodia, are being heavily pushed and promoted as a miracle weight loss solution.

Whether Hoodia is promoted on the Internet or pitched on late-night infomercials, frustrated overweight and obese people are frantically ordering the so-called weight loss miracle, believing Hoodia will suppress their appetite, resulting in their ultimately losing weight. However, many reputable, licensed health and fitness professionals (e.g., medical doctors, dietitians and personal trainers) are wondering: “Does Hoodia work, or is it just another weight loss scam?”

If you’re familiar with the so-called natural weight loss supplement/appetite suppressant, you’d probably admit that the Hoodia marketers’ claims may sound convincing: “Hoodia guarantees virtually any overweight or obese person will lose weight without feeling hungry.” Sounds convincing, right? However, is this weight loss claim really true? Let’s examine the scientific merits and facts of taking Hoodia. Judge for yourself:

  1. Although Hoodia is not deemed a stimulant, it is a seriously biofit reviews 2021 flawed weight loss solution to which many overweight and obese dieters can’t adhere.
  2. Any weight lose product which purports to suppress your appetite is not natural. Starving yourself slim is not very wise.
  3. Only a few research has been done on Hoodia.
  4. Pregnant women and people suffering from various illnesses (e.g., diabetes, serious heart problems, hypoglycemia, and thyroid problems) should avoid taking this herb.
  5. Only a small number of overweight and obese people actually participated in a study on Hoodia.
  6. There are a lot of health concerns regarding Hoodia that remain unanswered.
  7. Many health and fitness professionals doubt the validity of the Hoodia phenomenon.
  8. Until the FDA evaluates Hoodia (for safety, effectiveness, and purity), the federal public health agency will not approve it.
  9. More research must be done before Hoodia is deemed not only effective but also safe for human consumption.

If you want more information on Hoodia Gordonii, consult a physician before starting any Hoodia weight loss program.

Any weight loss product claiming to control one’s appetite must be thoroughly evaluated by a team of FDA scientists. We need sufficient evidence to ensure many lives will not be harmed.

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