Fido Tax – A Girl, Her Dog, and a Dream

I, like everyone else, am aware of America’s love affair with pets. It didn’t really occur to me how far we have taken this until I was asked to make a correction at work. I am an accountant for a mental health center and we have case managers acting as trustees for some of these clients and their money. One of the case managers was upset that we had coded a vet visit under ‘personal spending’ she felt that it should be categorized as a medical expense. While I am sure that the federal government wouldn’t agree with this, I don’t doubt that a majority of the 63% of pet owners in America would.

As a childless pet owner, I often dream of pet tax deductions when April 15th rolls around. Why shouldn’t I be able to benefit from my “child’s” expenses? The average dog can cost an owner anywhere from $300-$800 a year, while the average cat may cost an owner between $300-$500 a year. These statistics only include the basics like food, veterinary care and preventative medicine. I own two ninety pound dogs, Zane and Brock. Food, immunizations and heartworm medicine cost me an average of $900 a year. That doesn’t include the year Zane ripped out his stitches and had to go to the doggy ER or the year Brock self pierced his lip with my fishing hooks 송파스웨디시.

These costs also don’t include some of the more indulgent pet life styles. These days the more pampered dogs and cats are getting mani/pedis, massage therapy and psychoanalization. There are storefronts and websites that will not only direct New Yorkers to good pet boarding and babysitting but will also entice them with offers of spa visits and even party planning for your pet. Why stop there when they offer hot oil, dry skin treatments, and even doggy facials. Once your pet is looking good on the outside pet owners begin to look for a way to pamper their pet on the inside. Many take their pets to pet psychologists so that Milo or Otis can maintain good mental health and improve their behavioral issues.

Let’s not forget the costs that benefit us pet owners. Of course, some would consider a freshly bathed, lilac smelling pooch very beneficial to the owner indeed, but I am referring to costs of personal items we pet owners purchase for ourselves. These days a pet owner can buy anything personalized from pet key chains to magnets to pet purses. A pet owner can even have a favorite furry companion’s picture turned into a hand painted, beautiful pet portrait.

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