How to Take a One Timer in Ice Hockey

A great one-time slap shot is a two way street. In order for the execution of it to work, the shooting must be great, but the one timer passer must also place the puck where the person shooting wants it.

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As part of being a complete hockey player, you need to not only be a great one-time shooter, and have a great one time slap shot, but also be a great one timer passer. You must start by doing five essential things. Hockey News

1. For the best shooting location, the passer should try to place the puck between the targets two skates. As the passer, a good hockey passing drill to build toward this particular skill is to attempt to pass the puck between two cones.

2. Even for a one time slap shot, the player shooting must minimize the time of his windup so as to not giveaway his intentions to the goaltender. A shorter windup also allows the player shooting to have a quicker release. On most occasions, a slap-shot is going to be your most effective one time shot, so working on a one time slap shot with a short windup is a most essential shooting skill.

3. As the player shooting, either through slightly raising your stick or through another method, you have to make the potential one timer passer aware of your intention to receive a pass for a one-timer. If you are the passer, make sure you recognize where your teammate wants the puck if they look to be in position to be shooting a one time wrist, or slap shot.

4. For slap shots especially, your back foot should be bent during windup so that you can transfer weight from your knee to your stick and generate more power when receiving the puck from the passer.

5. Speed is key to one time shooting, and because of that, the slap shot is often your most effective shot. However, if you are in such a rush that you don’t look at the net before shooting, your shot is going to be worthless. While you should be looking for the one time pass and the one timer passer, make sure to quickly glance at the goal to see how the goalie is positioning their body, and then make a mental note of where you plan to target your slap shot.

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